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With so much going on in the world of Arabidopsis research, you can now stay up-to-date with all the latest news, discoveries and find out what is happening in the wider plant science community.

Arabidopsis Research Round-up

12th Aug 2013

This week’s Arabidopsis Research Round-up brings you two new papers published in The Plant Journal.    Lilley JLS, Gan Y, Graham IA, Nemhouser JL. The effects of DELLAs on growth change with developmental stage and brassinosteroid levels. The Plant Journal, 5 August 2013. DOI:...

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Arabidopsis Research Round-up

5th Aug 2013

To keep you up to date with what’s happening in Arabidopsis research, here’s a round-up of papers that have recently been published by members of the UK’s Arabidopsis research community. Zamariola L, De Storme N, Tiang CL, Armstrong SJ, Franklin FCH and Geelen D. SGO1 but not SGO2 is...

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Genomics Tools updates

1st Aug 2013

The Plant Metabolomic Network, the free online tool which enables users to find and predict genes or proteins, other metabolites, reactions, and pathways, is constantly expanding its output. In June this year seven new databases were released, including BarleyCyc and OryzaCyc. In July, many...

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The Plant Science Panel

30th Jul 2013

The plant science panel gives members of the public the chance to put their questions and concerns about plant science related issues, such as the environment, plants and food, directly to scientists. The panel is an open and ongoing invitation from the research community to anyone who wants...

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WikiPathways for Plants: An online community portal for plant pathway analysis

8th Jul 2013

Plant biologists looking for online, freely-available pathway resources that allow them to add, edit and download known and novel published pathways in plants have a new option: theWikiPathways Plants Portal (a collaboration between WikiPathways, the Jaiswal Lab at Oregon State...

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Edition 19 of GARNish is now available

28th Jun 2013

To download the latest GARNet newsletter, go to: This issue features: News and Views: Including a new online tool for comparative genomics, a wheat transformation service, and GARNet news Report: UK Plant Sci 2013 Resource: Ionomics...

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