Video podcasts from UK plant scientists

At the first UK PlantSci conference in 2012, GARNet interviewed some researchers about their work. They all talked about their research, how it applies to the real world, and what they believe the future of UK plant science is. 

Eric Holub (University of Warwick)

Here, Eric Holub from the University of Warwick describes his research on the genetics of disease resistance mechanisms as well as a bit about life in academic research in the UK. He explains the real-world application of his research on the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana by saying, ”If the plant can control its own diseases, chemical control will be be much less required.”

John Runions (Oxford Brookes)

John Runions from Oxford Brookes explains how he uses fluorescent proteins and microscopy to visualize processes inside living cells, and discusses the importance of Arabidopsis thaliana research for food security and forestry science – in his words, ‘Arabidopsis has been the paradigm in plant biology research.’


Katherine Denby (University of York)

Katherine Denby, from the University of York works on how plants respond to changes in their environment, and in particular in response to pathogens. If you have a slightly cloudy idea of what systems biology is she explains it very well here, including how it can affect future food security. She also explains why she works on Arabidopsis, saying, “It’s just so much quicker to do things in Arabidopsis!”


Malcolm Bennett (University of Nottingham)

Malcolm Bennett, Professor of Plant Sciences at the University of Nottingham, discusses here about his research into root development, the ‘hidden half of plant biology.’ He talks about working with computer scientists and soil scientists, and explains how they work toward improving water efficiency and nutrient uptake in the model plant Arabidopsis. He hopes the work will be translated to crop species. He also discusses funding for UK plant science, and the progress that has been made by the community in recent years, including the establishment of the UKPSF.

Plant Science 2016 Meeting

In April the John Innes Centre hosted the 2016 Plant Science UK meeting, details of which can be found here. As part of their sponsorship of the event the Journal of Experimental Botany hosts videos prepared from each of the talks and these can be found at the above link.

Research Podcasts


As part of the Arabidopsis Research Roundup we interview researchers about the papers that have published. These are highlighted on the GARNet YouTube channel.

Zoe Wilson

Zoe Wilson from the University of Nottingham discusses about her work on Arabidopsis developmental genetics. She works on pollen, which she explains is important for food security and the cut flower industry. She also talks about the future of plant science. She says, “The link between plants and science had been quite tenuous, more people are understanding the importance of that.”