14th Feb 2013

This news article is adapted from a post on the GARNet blog

The GARNet meeting introducing Plant Synthetic Biology and the second UKPSF conference UK PlantSci 2013 are coming up fast. If you would like to attend one or both of these meetings but feel unable to pay the registration fee, consider some of the travel grants below.

Plant Synthetic Biology registration starts from £175 for students, including accommodation, lunches, and conference dinner. Early bird registration for PlantSci 2013 starts from £80 for students, including lunch and refreshments, but you will have to arrange your own accommodation.

Company of Biologists travel grants from the Society of Experimental Biology: if you’re a PhD student or young post-doc, apply by 31 March for funding to attend a UK or international conference. You have to be a member of SEB, or to buy a multi-year membership.

Society of Biology travel grants: Undergraduate and postgraduate students can apply for £500 for overseas travel in connection with biological study, teaching, research, or attending conference.

Honor Fell travel award from the British Society for Cell Biology, sponsored by the Company of Biologists: grants of up to £300 for UK meeting attendance, or more for international meetings, are available to students and post-docs.

Biochemical Society travel grant: Members of the Biochemical Society can apply for a travel grant between £200 and £500 to attend a meeting.

Genetics Society Junior Scientist Grants: up to £750 is available to PhD students and post-docs within two years of their viva to cover travel, accommodation, and registration cost for conferences and meetings. There are quarterly deadlines, you will need to apply by 1 Feb for spring conferences.

The British Society of Plant Pathology: Travel funds are available for BSPP members to assist with expenses for conferences, study tours and visits. The amount available varies, but will not be more than half the cost of your trip. The next deadline in 28 February.

Please note: I haven’t mentioned grants for specific conferences, but most learned societies offer grants for students and new post-docs to attend their events. Please let me know (; Twitter) if you know of any general funds which I haven’t listed.