19th Jun 2013

GARNet are please to open registration for the hands-on training workshop 'Data Mining with iPlant'.

iPlant is an incredible free resource which allows its users to access high performance computing power, large scale data storage, and analytical software needed for a variety of data- or compute- intensive research applications.

GARNet and iPlant have joined forces to run a training workshop which will take place on 17-20 September 2013 at the University of Warwick.

You can either come for just one day for a free hands-on introduction to iPlant, or stay for four days and get in depth training on how to analyse real data in iPlant. The whole four day workshop will cost £100, which covers the workshop, breakfast, lunches, and private accommodation in an en suite room (hotel TBC).

To register for the workshop, go to:

Registration will close on 16 August.


17 September - FREE Introduction to iPlant

This free day of lectures and hands-on tutorials will introduce delegates to iPlant's Discovery Environment and Atmosphere. The Discovery Environment is integrated with iPlant’s data management system and compute resources. It allows users to handle all aspects of bioinformatics workflows, from storing data to visualising the results of data analysis, in one space. Atmosphere enables users to set up virtual machines connected to cloud computing resources, big data storage, and high performance computing power. Users can also access virtual machines pre-confingured for specific plant sciences applications, such as genome assembly.

This course will assume no prior experience with iPlant, and does not require any background in programming or advanced informatics.

18-20 September - registration £100

  • Data mining with iPlant: Three interactive tutorials running over one and a half days will give in depth training on how to use the iPlant cyber infrastructure for RNAseq, genome-wide association studies, and inference of genetic networks. The iPlant cyber infrastructure enables users to perform these analysis using cloud-sourced high performance computing power. Additionally, the discovery environment allows shared work spaces so that collaborators and group members can collectively work on and see data while the research is ongoing.
  • Advanced Topics in the iPlant Cyberinfrastructure: The final day and a half will be taken up with Advanced Topics in the iPlant Cyberinfrastructure, a consultancy-style workshop. Participants will schedule sessions with iPlant staff with the objective of using the iPlant infrastructure in their own analyses. Delegates may also bring a workflow they wish to incorporate within the infrastructure, or be programmers who want to incorporate the iPlant API into their own bioinformatics applications.