10th Oct 2013

University of Liège post-doctoral researcher Dr Guillaume Lobet studies the interactions between roots and shoots and how these interactions contribute to the development of the plant. Throughout the course of his work, Lobet often needs to analyse images of plant roots and, while plenty of image analysis software exists, he became frustrated by the fact that there was no central repository that makes it easy to find phenomics resources all in one place.

So, Dr Lobet decided to create his own manually curated website, on which users can search a database of links to over 90 pieces of plant image analysis software. Each resource is accompanied by a brief description of what the tool does, a link to the published paper describing the resource, an overview of the operating system and the requirements needed to access and run the software, and space for users to rate and review each tool.

The website ( doesn’t reinvent the wheel; there is little here that is new, but it does serve a very useful purpose in terms of helping researchers to discover the range of plant image analysis tools that are out there, as well as identifying which of these are best for particular research needs. Definitely worth bookmarking!

You can read Lobet’s Plant Methods paper, in which he describes the development and uses of the website, here (open access), and follow @plant_image on Twitter for news and updates. We have also added a link to to our Phenomics resources page