14th Oct 2013

Our GARNet committee members have certainly been busy recently. This week’s Arabidopsis Research Round-up features a Current Biology paper to which the University of Nottingham’s Malcolm Bennett contributed, and, not content with having a paper featured last week, Cyril Zipfel from the Sainsbury Laboratory in Norwich has a Science report featured this week too!


  • Sun Y, Li L, Macho AP, Han Z, Hu Z, Zipfel C, Zhou J-M and Chai J. Structural basis for flg22-induced activation of the Arabidopsis FLS2-BAK1 immune complex. Science, 105 October 2013. DOI: 10.1126/science.1243825.

With Chinese colleagues, Cyril Zipfel and Alberto Macho from the Sainsbury Laboratory in Norwich reveal the molecular mechanisms underlying recognition of flg22 by the FLS2-BAK1 complex. These interactions provide insight into the immune receptor complex activation found in mechanisms of innate plant immunity.


  • Zhang W, Swarup R, Bennett M, Schaller GE and Kieber JJ. Cytokinin induces cell division in the quiescent center of the Arabidopsis root apical meristem. Current Biology, 10 October 2013. DOI: 10.1016/j.cub.2013.08.008.

In this Current Biology paper, GARNet committee member Malcolm Bennett and his colleague Ranjan Swarup from the University of Nottingham, along with collaborators from the US and Germany, add to our understanding of the mechanisms involved in root growth.  Although it is generally mitotically inactive, it is shown that mitosis in the quiescent centre (QC) can be promoted by cytokinin, which acts to regulate the distribution of auxin in the root apical meristem.