2nd Feb 2015

As you may have read on Twitter or in the latest edition of GARNish, GARNet was successfully awarded renewed BBSRC funding to continue running the network for another five years.

Whereas GARNet had previously been based at the University of Warwick and led by Professor Jim Beynon, the new grant term will see the network move to Wales, under the leadership of Professor Jim Murray at Cardiff University.

Sadly, the change in location also means a change in staffing. Charis Cook, GARNet’s former Liaison & Communications Officer, has left for pastures new – she starts her new job at BBSRC today. We wish her all the best in this new role and hope your relocation to (somewhere near) Swindon goes smoothly!

Charis’s shoes will be hard to fill but be filled they must. In the interim, Ruth Bastow will continue in her role as part-time GARNet Coordinator, alongside her work as Executive Director for the Global Plant Council.

Research & Engagement Officer Lisa Martin, who was due to leave GARNet at the end of January, will be staying with us on a part-time basis until a full-time Cardiff-based staff member can be found. Lisa will also be joining Ruth as the new part-time Outreach & Communications Manager for the Global Plant Council.

An advertisement for the GARNet vacancy will be launched very soon, but in the meantime, if you or someone you know is interested in this position, please direct informal enquiries to Ruth Bastow at