24th Feb 2015

As you may already know, there have recently been some big changes at GARNet!

Following our successful reapplication for BBSRC funding, GARNet is set to continue supporting the plant science community in the UK for another five years, but we'll now be doing so from a new base at Cardiff University. Our superb Liaison and Communications Officer Charis Cook has recently left us for a new position at BBSRC, and while Ruth Bastow and Lisa Martin are (wo)manning the fort on a part time basis, we need a new Coordinator - could it be you?

As part of the University's redeployment scheme, the GARNet job is currently being advertised internally for Cardiff University employees only. However, it will 'go public' on or after the 2nd March for general applications. 

If you're already at Cardiff University, please feel free to go ahead and submit your application. For everyone else, why not check out the job description and see if you'd like to join the GARNet team? 

Job ad: GARNet Coordinator