28th Aug 2015

The Arabidopsis Information Portal (AIP) or Araport is a community resource funded by NSF and BBSRC aimed at providing a one-stop-shop for a wide range of Arabidopsis data sets. As part of its mandate Araport assumed the responsibility of the Col-0 genome sequence and annotation and over the summer it issued the pre-release of the new Araport11 genome annotation. This was generated using 113 RNA-seq datasets alongside many contributions toward annotation from wide-ranging members of the research community.

The details of the new annontation can be seen here in the associated table and shows significant improvements, particularly in the number of transcripts and the annotation of UTRs and splice variants.  Araport11 can be visualised through the impressive JBrowse viewer and plant science researchers are very much encouraged to use this improved (and free) resource.

Alongside the new annotation, Araport also provides access to the constantly updating versions of the ThaleMine analysis software (newest version was released on 27th August), which brings together in one place all available information about the expression and function of individual genes. ThaleMine removes the need to look through disparate databases to obtain information about your gene of interest as it is contained at a single location.

One of the strengths of Araport is in its engagement with the community to generate bespoke analysis tools. To encourage development of these new applications they have previously held a very successful workshop and plan for a similar exercise later in 2015. Watch this space for details in the next future.