9th Nov 2015

GARNet is delighted to introduce the three new members of the Advisory Committee who will officially take up their positions in January 2016. They are Professor Christine Raines (University of Essex), Professor Saskia Hogenhout (John Innes Centre) and Dr Steven Spoel (University of Edinburgh) who represent a mix of established and new academics coming from both large and small plant science departments across the UK.

GARNet would like to offer enormous thanks to the 174 members of UK plant science faculty who voted in the Advisory Committee election, demonstrating that GARNet remains an important part of the landscape of UK plant science. We would also like to thank the other members of the community who stood for election and we look forward to interacting with them in the future.

The new members of the committee will take the places of Professor Anthony Hall (Liverpool), Professor John Doonan (Aberystwyth) and Professor Cyril Zipfel (The Sainsbury Lab, Norwich) and we thank these outgoing members for their contributions to the work of GARNet over the past three years.

Please contact any members of the committee if you feel GARNet should be concerned with any issues in plant science that we haven’t yet addressed.