14th Apr 2016

The 5th and final round of applications for the Community Resource for Wheat Transformation is open.

The Community Resource for Wheat Transformation is a resource for UK plant scientists to apply for their genes to be transformed into wheat free of charge, funded by the BBSRC BBR fund. We have funding to transform 50 nominated genes into wheat. Half of the project capacity is reserved for scientists working with model species in order to identify new sources of genes and to encourage and support the scientists transfer their research into wheat.

As part of this project we have also assessed the transformation ability of 50 varieties of UK and northern European wheat varieties, including both spring and winter types in a comparison with the standard germplasm, Fielder. The majority of these varieties have been successful. If a germplasm with a specific end-use or disease susceptibility is necessary for your project, please include this information in your application. This will be particularly useful for wheat researchers working on disease targets.

The 5th and final round of the application process is currently open until 31st May 2016, for transformation slots later in 2016. There is an online application form and details of previously accepted genes via the following link http://www.niab.com/transgenic 

Further details are available on the website, and enquiries should be directed to

croptransformation@niab.com in the first instance.