13th Apr 2018

The latest set of funded ERA-CAPS plant science consortium grants were recently announced.

Nine UK-based researchers were included in twelve funded consortia, which include up to 5 partners from across the EU and the USA. Unfortunately two of these UK grants are 'self-funded' as the BBSRC were ultimately unable to support all of the projects.

Three of the consortia are led by UK-based researchers:

MEIOREC: Eugenio Sanchez-Moran (University of Birmingham)

MURINAS: Julia Davies (Universiry of Cambridge)

Genes2Shape: Henrik Jonsson (SLCU)

Other BBSRC-funded UK labs are:

BARN: Robbie Waugh (JHI)

C4BREED: Julian Hibberd (University of Cambridge)

SICOPID: Cyril Zipfel (The Sainsbury Laboratory Norwich)

001G3: Paul Kersey (EMBL Hinxton)

The two UK self-funded participants are:

KatNat: Daniel Gibbs (University of Birmingham)

AUREATE: Jose Gutierrez-Marcos (University of Warwick)

Although the UK remains a healthy participant across ERA-CAPS projects (9 out of 12, 7 funded), the 25% of projects that have a UK leadership role has dropped from approximately 40% for the first two calls in 2012 and 2014.

As Brexit looms it remains to be seen whether or not this is a significant decline.