Cell Biology Tool Kit

A collection of databases and resources for plant cell biologists to facilitate the detection and prediction of proteins and polysaccharides at the subcellular level

Arabidopsis Nucleolar Protein database

The Arabidopsis Nucleolar Protein database (AtNoPDB) provides information on the plant nucleolar proteins identified to date with comparison to human and yeast proteins, and images of cellular localisations for over a third of the proteins.


CellTracker is a free software environment for image browsing, processing and cell tracking. 

From the abstract: We describe CellTracker, a software tool designed for the automated measurement of the cellular location and intensity of fluorescently tagged proteins. CellTracker combines automated cell tracking methods with powerful image-processing algorithms that are optimised for these applications.

On-Guard: Guard Cell Modelling Software

The OnGuard software package was constructed for quantitative systems dynamic modelling of the stomatal guard cell. It incorporates explicitly all of the fundamental properties for transporters at the plasma membrane and tonoplast, the salient features of osmolite metabolism, and the major controls of cytosolic-free Ca2+ concentration and pH. OnGuard takes a structured approach to tier and interrelate elements, and gives ready access to parameters and equations ‘on the fly’ while enabling the network of components within each model to interact computationally.

Plant Chromatin State Database

PCSD is a plant chromatin state database to integrate information on chromatin states, self-organization mapping (SOM) maps and epigenomic data features of three species, Arabidopsis thaliana, Oryza sativa and Zea mays. This application offers insights into the locations and functions of regulatory regions and genes in response to developmental and environmental signals.

Plant Probes

PlantProbes is a distribution service for monoclonal antibodies and molecular probes directed to plant cell wall components generated by the Paul Knox Cell Wall Lab at the University of Leeds. Funds received are used to maintain antibody stocks and antibody availability.

Plant-Pathogen Interactome Visualisation

Web-based tool allowing visualisation of the plant-pathogen immune network and the Arabidopsis Interactome. Users can input an accession number or pathogen effector ID to view direct protein interactions, or browse the network. There is also an 'order SALK homozygotes' button allowing users to easily order knock-out lines for a set of interacting proteins. 

PODB, the Plant Organelles Database

Images and videos of plant organelles and protocols for plant organelle research.


A tool to investigate subcellular localisation of proteins in Arabidopsis through the unification of disparate datasets. The web accessible interface allows the construction of powerful user based queries resulting in a one-stop-shop for protein localisation.

From the abstract: The localisation data in SUBA encompasses 10 distinct subcellular locations, >6743 non-redundant proteins and represents the proteins encoded in the transcripts responsible for 51% of Arabidopsis expressed sequence tags. The SUBA database provides a powerful means by which to assess protein subcellular localisation in Arabidopsis.