Microarray Facilities

List of academic facilities that provide Microarray services to researchers to assess global changes in gene expression levels in Arabidopsis and other plants.

Please get in touch with if you would like to add your service to the list.

Affymetrix @ Nottingham

Sean May's research group at Nottingham University are happy to collaborate on Affymetrix work including experimental design, processing and subsequent analysis with Partek. This will require the user to buy all the consumables themselves (with advice from the May group: e.g. Arabidopsis ST arrays plus label/hyb currently cost less than £180 per chip from Affymetrix - Mar 2014). For information, please contact

Bristol Affymetrix Microarray Service

The facility operates an Affymetrix GeneChip® Array platform consisting of the 4-colour 7G upgrade enabling, it to process the highest resolution 5µm arrays available from Affymetrix. It offers a full hybridisation service and utilises Nanodrop and Agilent 2100 Bioanalyser technology for accurate quality control and assessment of samples throughout the process, optimising the quality of data output and minimising variable that are outside of biological variation.

Advice on experimental design is available.

Edinburgh Genomics

Edinburgh Genomics offers a full Affymetrix service using the standard cartridge on the GCS3000 system or the higher throughput /lower cost PEG plate formats on the GeneTitan. They can work with you from experimental design through, sample preparation, hybridisation and analysis of the experiments using Partek software. Prices vary depending upon the number of samples and the array type selected for the study.

Please contact Edinburgh Genomics through their website

Genomic Technologies Facility

Provides expertise and equipment to perform a range of genomic services, including high-Throughput multiplex SNP genotyping, single SNP genotyping, and gene mapping.

Glasgow Polyomics Facility

Facility offering post-genomic technologies to the widest possible community: integrated genomic, proteomic, metabolomic and bioinformatic workflows. Laboratories are equiped with cutting edge instrumentation and are staffed by researchers who have extensive expertise in these rapidly developing fields.

Stony Brook University DNA Microarray Core Facility

A full service microarray facility utilizing the Affymetrix GeneChip platform.

University of Wisconsin Biotechnology Centre

A facility that provides bioinformatics support for high-throughput nucleic acid sequence data, including genome assembly, SNP detection, ChIP-Seq and expression profiling using RNA-Seq, RIP-seq, and small RNA analyses.


VIB MicroArray Facilitiy

Offering personalized expert services in the fields of expression analysis, miRNA analysis and RNA and DNA sequencing. Technologies offered are microarrays, Nanostring nCounter technology and Massive Parallel Sequencing.